MOMO YASHIMA is the daughter of Taro Yashima who wrote and illustrated award-winning picture books Crow Boy and Umbrella. Momo was born in New York City and lived there until her family moved to East Los Angeles where she attended Garfield High and Roosevelt High Schools. Her parents, artists Mitsu and Taro Yashima, wrote and illustrated award-winning children’s books; and her brother was the award-winning actor, Mako. Momo is the subject of Umbrella.

After attending California State University, Los Angeles, and dancing for the dance department at the University of Southern California, Momo returned to New York to study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse under the care of Sanford Meisner. She toured the South doing dinner theater before returning to Los Angeles where she worked with the Music Center’s Improvisational Theater Project and East West Players.

Film and TV acting credits include Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Farewell to Manzanar, and M*A*S*H, among others. Theater credits include Frank Chin’s The Year of the Dragon, Velina Hasu Houston’s Tea, and Glenn Connor Johnson’s Roar of the Tiger: The Legend of Tokyo Rose. Momo is currently working with the Resisters of Conscience of WWII in a presentation called a Divided Community. This show has been presented at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, the Northern California Cultural Center in San Francisco and ten performances at the Japanese American National Museum.

Momo is married and has two daughters. She lives in Los Angles. Momo enjoys introducing her father’s award-winning and timeless books to young readers in the form of readings, discussions and signings.

* * *