MASUMI SALLY KOBAYASHI (author of Creating the Sapporo Snow Festival Sculptures) - "Years ago when I worked at the Chicago "Daily News," a Chicago area psychic who visited our office predicted that in a year from that time, I would be "leading a completely different life."  She was right.  Nothing could be more different from life in Chicago than living in Sapporo, Japan.  My husband Jungo is a Sapporo native.
Journalism will always be a part of who I am and in Sapporo I have kept my fingers on the keyboard contributing free lance articles to newspapers and magazines and writing a column for the largest newspaper in Hokkaido which ran over seven years.  Because I was born in Minidoka Camp, when President Reagan signed the redress bill to give Japanese Americans compensation for their camp internment, this newspaper asked me to write a series of articles about my family's camp experience.  My first book was "Welcome to Hokkaido:  English Conversation for Homestay."  It is a book of sentences for easy English conversation which families who host a guest from abroad can use to explain Hokkaido culture and customs.
I wrote "Creating the Sapporo Snow Festival Sculptures," because it always fascinated me how so much effort was put into the snow sculptures which were quickly destroyed in just a few hours the day after the festival ended.  I wanted to research and tell the behind the scenes story--the planning, the building, the people, the resources.  While I first envisioned the book to be a multicultural children's book, it has taken on another life--a souvenir book bought by visitors and by local residents who give them as gifts to friends and family abroad.  It's rewarding to see my book travel the world introducing a major Sapporo event that is loved by its citizens.
My husband and I have raised a son and two daughters and we look forward to becoming grandparents for the first time next March."

* * *