John signing at Fresno Betsuin Craft Show 2008

JOHN HAMAMURA, author of Color of the Sea, was born in Minnesota in the final year of World War II.  His mother's family was interned at Rohwer in southern Arkansas.  His father was an instructor at Camp Savage and Fort Snelling, where Japanese American GIs were trained as translators for the Pacific theater.  His father's hometown was Hiroshima.  Hamamura's grandmother and aunt survived the atomic bomb.  Hamamura lived and went to school in a US military housing camp near Tokyo.  He spent summer vacations at his grandmother's house.  It was not until many years later that he learned the significance of its location, two and half miles from Ground Zero.  Hamamura's debut novel, Color of the Sea, grew out of an exploration of his family history.

* * *