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Chiz (far right) meets with friends and fans at a book signing in 2005.

CHIZUKO JUDY SUGITA DEQUEIROZ (artist and author of Camp Days 1942-1945) -
"My childhood memories of Poston, Arizona, a World War II concentration camp, are depicted in Camp Days 1942-1945.  These memories have been with me all my life, etched in my mind like a motion picture.  The three and a half years that my family and I spent there occurred during an extremely impressionable period of my life.  My mother passed away shortly after I was born, and being motherless had a detrimental impact on my childhood in camp.
I was nine years old, the youngest of nine children, when our family was incarcerated by the U.S. military in May of 1942..." (from Foreword by the Artist in Camp Days 1942-1945)  
"On my first day of school after we left camp, my teacher stated that my name was too difficult to pronounce and asked if I would like an American name.  I said yes, thinking she would give me a name, but to my surprise she asked what I would like to be called.  Flustered, the first name I could think of was Judy.  Thus, Judy became my American name in 1945.
In 1953, I was crowned Nisei Week Queen in Los Angeles, where I met the future Emperor of Japan when he was the Crown Prince.
I received my B.A. and teaching credentials at Long Beach State University, and received my Masters in Art at California State University,  Dominguez Hills.  I subsequently taught in the Palos Verdes School District, where I became the Art Department Chair.
My husband Richard and I live in Irvine, California, happily playing tennis, practicing Tai Chi, and taking care of our wonderful grandchildren.  Together we have six children and nine grandchildren.  It's a wonderful life! 
I enjoy painting watercolors, and I exhibit my work locally and throughout the United States." (from the Epilogue:  After Camp in Camp Days 1942-1945)  
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