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Ghosts For Breakfast
Stanley Todd Terasaki; illustrated by Shelly Shinjo; Lee & Low Books, 2000

Set in a Japanese farming community in California in the 1920s, this delightful father-son story speaks to all young children who yearn to overcome their fears. Readers also come to realize the hazards of jumping to conclusions, for things aren't always as they seem.

2000 New Voices Award, Lee & Low Books
Notable Children's Books,
Smithsonian Magazine

AUTHOR'S NOTE: in the late 19th century, Japanese immigrants began arriving on the West coast of the United States. Many became farm laborers and later began farming on their own, and several cohesive farming communities developed. In the San Joaquin Valley, in central California, dozens of Japanese farmers established a Yamato Colony, or "New Japan." In southern California, Japanese truck farms flourished, producing vegetables for market. In the 1920s, my father grew up on such farms in Orange County and the San Fernando Valley. Long Beach, south of Los Angeles, also had a thriving Japanese farming community. As a teenager my mother worked at a produce stand where farmers from Long Beach sold their goods.

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