The Bonsai Babes: A Love Story
Written and illustrated by Lora Nakamura; 2013

This multicultural tale of two little girls with bonsai tree hair, symbolic of their struggles and unique beauty, is based in Los Angeles. Luna is a Mexican American girl from Downtown Los Angeles with dreams of playing professional soccer. Nana is a Japanese American girl from the San Gabriel Valley with dreams of realizing her psychic potential. Though worlds apart, their chance encounter forms a friendship that will change the course of their lives.

In titling it “A Love Story” the author offers the reader an opportunity to observe the multiple levels of love seen in the book, from family relationships to, ultimately, the special bond of the two main characters. And it is within these interactions that the complexity and beauty of love is portrayed.

Seen simply, the young reader may see it as a story of love and friendship, while the teenage and adult reader may delve into the deeper layers of fear, loss, cultural identity, and self-empowerment.

HC $19.95

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