My Awesome Japan Adventure: A Diary About The Best 4 Months Ever!
Written and illustrated by Rebecca Otowa; Tuttle Publishing, 2013

"Do you know the
Glico Man? Ever heard of micro sushi? Have you played karuta? Neither had I, until I spent four months in Japan!

Japan is sooooo different! But in some ways, the kids are just like us.
They like video games, we like video games. They like baseball, we like baseball. They like raw fish, and we… well, I guess we can get used to it.
Looking back, I was crazy busy the whole time! I wrote everything down in this notebook -- so flip it open and read about living in a Japanese house, going to a Japanese school, and doing everything that Japanese kids do! This is my story, and I hope you like it."

Ages 6+; HC $14.95

* * *