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Mieko and the Fifth Treasure
By Eleanor Coerr; Penguin Group, 1993

"Mieko longs to be able to paint again ...
When the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Mieko's nearby village was turned into ruins. She and her parents were lucky to have survived, but Mieko's hand was badly injured. Mieko loves to do calligraphy more than anything, but now she can barely hold a paintbrush. And she feels as if she has lost something she can't paint without -- the legendary fifth treasure, beauty in the heart. Then she is sent to live with her grandparents and must go to a new school where the children tease her about her scarred hand. But Mieko is brave and eventually learns that time and patience can help with many things, and may even help her find the fifth treasure. . . ."

Ages 8+; pb $5.99

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