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Twice Heroes: America's Nisei Veterans of WWII and Korea
Portraits and Interviews by Tom Graves; Nassau & Witherspoon Publishers, 2013

"An American story that must be told.
Twice Heroes: America's Nisei Veterans of WWII and Korea, brings us the dramatic but little known story of sacrifice and bravery of a small group of soldiers in the face of racial hatred and official discrimination -- factors that led to the illegal imprisonment of their families among the nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans interned during World War II.
San Francisco writer and photographer Tom Graves spent over a decade collecting stories of this fast disappearing generation of heroes who shed their blood to prove their loyalty, and in doing so, forever changed America. The author combines his "conversations" with the veterans and his portraits of them.
The title,
Twice Heroes, echoes President Truman's words to the Nisei soldiers, "You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice, and you have won."
Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) soldiers were once considered untrustworthy and forbidden to serve in the military. When allowed into a single, racially segregated regiment, this small U.S. Army unit became the most highly decorated in United States history, earning 9,486 Purple Hearts, over 4,000 Bronze Stars, 21 Medals of Honor, seven Presidential Unit Citations, and thousands of other commendations from the United States, Britain, France and Italy. Nisei linguists operating in secret military intelligence roles in the Pacific Theater provided tactical and strategic information to Allied forces, saving lives and shortening the war, and earning and Presidential Unit Citation. Nisei soldiers accomplished their remarkable service in an effort to prove themselves loyal Americans."

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NOTE: The book jacket (on right) depicting the late Sen. Daniel Inouye commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the WWII 442nd RCT as observed in Honolulu, Hawaii, on March 22-24, 2013. Please specify preference in book jacket photo when ordering.

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