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Usagi Yojimbo #24 - Return of the Black Soul
By Stan Sakai; Dark Horse Comics, July 2010

FROM BACK COVER: “For years, as Miyamoto Usagi has traveled the countryside, an unseen malevolent entity has been tracking his steps. Though supposed dead, the demon Jei-- the Black Soul-- has instead inhabited the body of the swordswoman Inazuma, determined now to bring the wandering samurai to murderous justice!

Meanwhile, Boss Bakuchi has doubled the rewqrd for his son’s killer-- Inazuma. The money brings out scores of bounty hunters, unaware that they are merely a flock of sparrows intent on bringing down an eagle. This same hunt also draws Usagi, Gen, and Stray Dog, as well as the mysterious stranger, Isamu-- each with his own particular motive. As the threat of the Black Soul re-emerges, this epic storyline reveals at least the true origin of Jei!”

Age 10+; HC limited edition $59.99; pb $16.99

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