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Manzanar: Story of an American Family
Book by Rus McCoy; Lyrics & Music by Rus McCoy & Dan Taguchi; Arrangements by Ace Baker, Rus McCoy and Dan Taguchi; Recorded at Invisible Hand Studios, Valencia CA, 2003.


MANZANAR: Story of an American Family" chronicles the events in the life of 12 year old Margaret Shimada and her family as their life is shattered due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the escalation of World War II. All hopes and dreams are put on hold when the father is taken away as a spy and the rest of the Shimada family is interned in the Manzanar relocation camp in the high desert of California.

Loosely based on the experiences and recollections of Mieko Taguchi, mother of Dan Taguchi, the music collaborator, this musical shows the triumph of the human spirit over adversity."

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