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Day of Independence
A Short Film on the Japanese American Internment
Based on the play "Independence Day" by Tim Toyama; Screenplay by Chris Tashima and Tim Toyama; Directed by Chris Tashima; Cedar Grove Productions, 2003, 2010

Zip, a 17 year-old Nisei (second-generation) baseball pitcher, faces the tragic circumstances of the internment of 110,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Set in a relocation camp in the summer of 1943,
Day of Independence chronicles the journey of an American family torn apart by a forced and unjust incarceration, a father's decision that challenges his son to find strength, and ultimately his son's triumph through courage, sacrifice and the All-American game of baseball. From the creators of the Academy Award winning short film, Visas and Virtue, this Emmy nominated educational program is both informative and inspiring, exploring one of America's darkest chapters with historic scale and detail, while telling a heartfelt story of friendship and family.

Official selection of 70 international film festivals and competitions, garnering 25 awards;
Running Time: 27 min.
DVD $19.95

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