The Winter of Melancholy
Patricia Takayama; Xlibris, 2015

A collection of 17 short stories in two parts, the collection opens in Manzanar during the incarceration of Japanese American citizens and their immigrant family members. Told from the viewpoint of the women, their strength, spirit, compassion and resilience are traced through their stories from the immigrant to post-war generations. Other short works of fiction include stories of a Japanese American girl who encounters racism on a PTA sponsored field trip, a midwife whose work requires her to drive up and down the El Camino Real to ply her trade, a Nisei woman who translates Japanese radio programs during WWII for the U.S. Army. These stories and others trace the challenges that women encountered in the face of racism and social change while fulfilling roles as family bread winners and duties to retain familial connections.


* * *