Murder on Bamboo Lane: An Officer Ellie Rush Mystery
By Naomi Hirahara; Penguin Group, 2014

"Trouble awaits rookie LAPD offer Ellie Rush as she patrols the mean streets of Los Angeles on her bicycle ...

Bike cop Ellie Rush may have dreams of becoming a homicide detective, but it's still a shock when the first dead body she encounters on the job is that of a former college classmate.

At the behest of her aunt, Cheryl, the highest-ranking Asian-American officer in the LAPD (a source of price for Ellie's grandmother, but an annoyance to her mom), Ellie becomes tangled in the investigation of the co-ed's murder -- with equal parts help and hindrance from her nosy best friend, her over-involved ex-boyfriend, a smoldering detective, and seemingly everyone else in her extended family ... only to uncover secrets that a killer may go to any lengths to ensure stay hidden."

Mass Market pb $7.99

* * *