Enter the Stream: Haibun and Tanka Tales
By Genie Nakano; Genie Yogini Press, 2013

"... an autobiographical journey, each poem revealing a different memory, a different stage of life. ... Genie varies the style of each poem, some are prose poems, others are written in a stanza format. Some use haiku, others tanka. This creates freshness from page to page, as the reader journeys through Genie's interior landscape. Nakano skillfully weaves multiple senses in her poetry, further drawing the reader into each poem with the sound of a cough, the hiss of an intubator, the feeling of silk flowers and silver hair decorations, or the smell of lavender and moth balls. I welcome you to enter the stream ... " ~ Deborah P. Kolodji, Moderator, Southern California Haiku Study Group

pb $12.00

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