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Stone Bow Prayer
By Amy Uyematsu; Copper Canyon Press, 2005


“Constructed as a Japanese calendar, with bows to the Zen aesthetic,
Stone Bow Prayer -- Uyematsu’s third book of poems -- shows a woman whose life engages politics, her ancestry, and spirit, while making a living as a public school math teacher in Los Angeles.
Here the infinite and minute nurture one another, and “heaven needs us” as much as we yearn for the sacred. Along with words and numbers, Uyematsu reveres stones -- stones that listen to “the rustle our feet make / even when we leave,” a stone that spirals into the center of a pond in ever-widening circles, the ancient heart of stone that brings us closer to this mystery we know as life. Spanning the grassy plains of China, the coasts of Japan, and the wisteria-lined streets of Southern California,
Stone Bow Prayer expands one woman’s unorthodox vision into an exhilarating illumination of the whole.”

pb $14.00

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