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Walking Your Way To A Better Life
By KIMIKO; translated by Keiko Noguchi and Adam Keys; Vertical Inc., 2009

"Steps For A More Confident You"
"How did a thirty-something housewife and mother become a successful businesswoman, media darling, and veritable guru at the center of a wellness craze? KIMIKO accomplished this and more by simply learning how to walk.

There is walking, and then there is walking. While most people take it for granted, KIMIKO realized the full potential found in every step through the power of Posture Walking. Every long gait is a reflection of inner beauty; every muscle, from the neck down to the toes, is there to exude confidence and strength. Each new stride can build upon the next to create a rhythm and pace to life, keeping your positivity switch on no matter what stands in your way.

Walking Your Way to a Better Life is not just an exercise primer, though. It's also a true story about a woman who boldly strode her way out of depression. It chronicles a spiritual awakening by way of exercise that you, too, can make your own, and imparts invaluable tips for keeping your chin up emotionally.

By picking up this book you have taken the first step to a brighter and healthier future. Take the next step and let KIMIKO guide you to a new tomorrow."

"KIMIKO has been ahead of her time in recognizing the relationship between mind and body. All too often we concentrate too much on musculoskeletal complaints ignoring mental concerns or disturbances. Feeling better physically is certainly a desirable goal but feeling better about one's self is even better." -- James G. Garrick, MD

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