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Sayonara, Mr. Fatty! A Geek's Diet Memoir
By Toshio Okada; Vertical, Inc., 2009
Originally published in Japanese as
Itsumademo debuto omounayo by Shinchosha, 2007

"You'd never give up your favorite dish. You don't care for a gym membership even if it's free. The weight-loss plan you flirted with wasn't just impractical but boring, and you haven't got time for stuff that isn't intellectually stimulating.

That's okay-- you can still lose more than a hundred pounds in a year. All you need to start is a pen and a notebook, and this true story. If you're a thinking person you'll be glad you heard it -- whether or not you're interested in going on a diet.

After co-founding and helming Gainax, the animation company responsible for legendary series such as
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Toshio Okada embarked on a a career as a star cultural analyst and came to be known as the Kind of Geeks (otaku) for his unrivaled expertise on Japanese popular culture. While he has delivered lectures on the subject at both Tokyo University and M.I.T. and authored many pivotal works, it was this diet memoir that made him a million-selling writer."

pb $14.95

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