Retiring Upstream: Finding Happiness and Security in the Transition of a Lifetime
By Alan Kondo, CFP, CLU, CCA and Akemi Kondo Dalvi, CPA; Alan Kondo and Akemi Kondo Dalvi, 2013

"Personal Finance

A Unique Retirement Guide for Achieving Both Personal and Community Benefits

Achieving retirement goals sometimes feels like swimming against the current. The struggle to forge ahead is similar to the koi's legendary ability to climb waterfalls and overcome obstacles. Events like the tech bubble, the housing bubble and the Great Recession have set back retirement plans for many. This book will help readers transition from their working life to retirement, smoothly and successfully.

Japanese Americans, in particular, have had their retirement plans derailed several times: after the first generation arrived in the United States, after the Great Depression, and after being incarcerated in the U.S. concentration camps during World War II. This book is written with special attention to Japanese American history, community and culture, but the financial advice and strategies can help everyone gain a more secure and fulfilling retirement.

You will learn to:
  • Get your retirement back on track after the Great Recession
  • Enjoy retirement without fear of running out of money
  • Invest for more consistent growth, reduced risk and lower taxes
  • Create a multi-generation legacy for your family and community
  • Protect yourself from Long Term Care expenses
  • Make the most of Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Partner with your favorite community organization, church or temple to maximize the impact of your generosity, increase your income and lower your taxes"

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