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Japanese Farm Food
By Nancy Singleton Hachisu; Photographs by Kenji Miura; Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2012

"Nancy's country. California-born Nancy Singleton Hachisu has been a "stubbornly independent foreign bride" in Japan's northern Saitama Prefecture for over two decades. "I came to Japan for the food, but stayed for love." And she married organic egg farmer Tadaaki Hachisu because he loves food as much as she does. This book is the collected experience of twenty-three years of living on the land as wife, cook, mother, and sometime farmer.
Her advice to trust your instincts is very real. "Cooking farm-to-table food from another country is easy if you … take care to understand the heart of the food." She teaches how to touch and listen to the vegetables and source ingredients thoughtfully. "Japanese farm food is bold, clear, and direct -- both logical and simple to prepare. A small number of Japanese pantry staples and preparation techniques, and a trip to a farmers' market and fish monger, are all you need to start cooking Japanese farm food." Over 160 recipes range from simple boil-and-serve dishes such as edamame with salt, to country soup simmered in an iron cauldron, to pounded sticky rice sweets enveloped in homemade red bean paste.
Japanese Farm Food invites you into the Hachisu ancestral farmhouse and their community of friends through Nancy's personal stories and experiences; Kenji Miura's evocative photography; and most importantly the way they cook. Nancy plants rice in muddy paddies, makes her own tofu, plucks and dresses chickens and ducks, and makes udon noodles from homegrown wheat flour. As Patricia Wells observes in her foreword, "She's intrepid. Outrageously creative. Intensely passionate. Committed. True and real. I urge you to cook from this book with abandon."

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