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Origami Bonsai: Create Beautiful Botanical Sculptures From Paper
By Benjamin John Coleman; Tuttle Publishing, 2010

"Origami Bonsai shows you how to make beautiful origami flower displays using just a few simple origami techniques! Once you proudly show your completed works, no one will ever guess that all it took to make them were a few sheets of ordinary paper and a few simple tools.

Expert folder and bonsai enthusiast Benjamin John Coleman has not only created designs for truly eye-catching paper flowers, stems, and leaves, but has devised a unique system for making them and offers plenty of tips on displaying your work to the best advantage. Experienced folders will marvel that such realistic-looking flowers can be made using just familiar origami methods.

To help in the creation process, the book contains detailed instructions and numerous photographs of both works in progress and completed pieces that are sure to have you creating your own origami bonsai in no time.

In addition to step-by-step instructions, multiple photos of works in progress, and helpful folding diagrams, the author provides useful suggestions for creating ever more varied and realistic looking displays that will help you become an origami bonsai master in no time."

DVD Video included; HC $24.95

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