Mizuhiki - Kogei Nyumon: A step by step guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving
By Haruko Shimizu

Table of Contents includes: History; Tools and Materials; Basic Mizuhiki Ties with instructions for the following: Kame (simple turtle); Tsuru (crane); Tombo (dragonfly); Ise Ebi (lobster); Kaeru (frog); Matsuba pine needle); Matsu (pine cone); Variations of Leaves with instructions for Kame No Ko Leaf; Flat Bamboo Leaf; Open Spaced Leaf; Kame & Tsuru Flat Circle; Basic Mizuhiki Braids including Three-, Four-, Six-strand Braid and Rope Braid; and more; HC $37.00

Customer Review:
“The book is delightful and I’m very pleased that I can add it to my collection.” -- K. Leach, U.K.

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