In Plain View: A Novel
By Julie Shigekuni; The Unnamed Press, 2016

FROM BACK COVER: “Daidai and Hiroshi have what many people think to be a perfect life. Daidai has recently left her job as curator of the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles so that she and her husband Hiroshi, a university professor, can try for a baby. Frustrated by their lack of success so far, and by their increasingly clinical love life, Daidai befriends Satsuki, one of Hiroshi's graduate students who is new to Los Angeles.

As Daidai grows suspicious of Satsuki's intentions, the mysteries surrounding Satsuki's past threaten to consume her, further straining her relationship with Hiroshi. Undeterred, Daidai travels everywhere from a secluded monastery in the hills to the depths of the Fukushima disaster, to discover the truth. An intense, deftly written portrait of a woman on the brink, Shigekuni's riveting contemporary thriller tests the limits of jealousy, friendship, and love."

pb $16.00

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