I Hotel: A Novel
By Karen Tei Yamashita; Coffee House Press, 2010

FROM BACK COVER: “This dazzling, multi-voiced fusion of fiction, playwriting, graphic art, and philosophy spins an epic tale of America’s struggle for civil rights as it played out in San Francisco. Divided into ten novellas, one for each year, I Hotel begins in 1968, when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, students took to the streets, the Vietnam War raged, and cities burned.
As Yamashita’s motley cast of students, laborers, artists, revolutionaries, and provocateurs make their way through the history of the day, they become caught in a riptide of politics and passion, clashing ideologies, and personal turmoil. And by the time the survivors unite to save the International Hotel-- epicenter of the Yellow Power Movement-- their stories have come to define the very heart of the American experience.”

2010 National Book Award Finalist for Fiction;
National Book Foundation interview with Karen Yamashita -

pb $19.95

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